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Harris CofE Academy: An International Academy


Harris CofE Academy was awarded the Full International Status in July 2007 by the British Council after offering a wide variety of international-themed activities, aimed at students from all ages and abilities.

The International Schools Status is renewable every three years. This year, we are pleased to say that sixteen International-themed activities are planned and embedded in our curriculum.


Why be an International School?


At Harris CofE Academy, we want to prepare our students for the global economy and provide them with a greater awareness of global citizenship. In a world which is becoming smaller and smaller, we feel it is vital that our pupils discover aspects of other nations and cultures whilst developing skills such as communicating, inquiring as well as critical and creative thinking.

We also feel strongly that contact with our partner schools abroad gives the opportunity for our staff to share good teaching practices and learn from one another, continually thriving to develop an effective pedagogy.


Our partner schools across the globe

So far our students have had the chance to have contact with nine schools across the world: five in Europe, one in Asia, one in Africa, one in the Middle East and one in America.

If you would like to find out more about our current partner schools, please click on the link below.