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"Hello and welcome to Harris website and thank you for visiting the PTA page.

My name is Paul Defty and I have a daughter in year 8. She is used to seeing me in the school as I was previously chair of H.H.J.S.

I enjoyed being chair of a Junior School and help raise money for the school to purchase equipment, books, etc, and help support trips and days out by funding the cost of the coach.


The money PTA's raise is paramount as it supplements funds given from the Local Authority. So without the events, etc, the children and the school would lose out.

You're probably saying to yourself I haven't got the time to be on the PTA. All we ask of you is your name and phone number to put on a database of members who can help organise and / or run any the events we pencil into the school term.



It can be as much time as you can spare; the more the better.

We meet once a month, usually on the first Tuesday at the school and discuss various topics and up and coming events that can be held to raise much needed funds for the school.


In addition to fund raising, the PTA is important as a forum for parental interest in the school's development. The PTA is consulted on a range of issues such as policy changes and building plans.

Should you feel that you can help then please contact the school or myself and you will be most welcome."



Paul Defty
Chair Person  of the PTA




Chair Persons Tel No.: 01788 330049
Mobile: 07805068665


School Tel No.: 01788 812549
School e-mail: