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Contact Harris CofE Academy


Harris CofE Academy


A voluntary aided Anglican Sports College



Harris CofE Academy

Harris Drive
Overslade Lane
CV22 6EA


For futher information please contact Mrs Bult, Headteachers PA


Telephone: 01788 812549


Fax: 01788 816123

email: office@harriscofeacademy.co.uk website: www.harriscofeacademy.co.uk


We would welcome parents and carers contacting Curriculum Team Leaders, Subject Leaders and Year Heads or a member of the leadership team with any concerns or comments you may have.

The email details of CTLs, SLs, YTLs and SLT are given below.


Senior Leadership Team (SLT)

Headteacher: Mr M Stoppard head@harriscofeacademy.co.uk

Associate Headteacher: Dr V Lundberg lundberg.v@harriscofeacademy.co.uk

Deputy Headteacher: Mr A Mosley mosley.a@harriscofeacademy.co.uk

Deputy Headteacher: Mrs S Edwards Edwards.s6@harriscofeacademy.co.uk

Assistant Headteacher: Mr H Davies davies.h1@harriscofeacademy.co.uk

Assistant Headteacher: Miss C Barnett barnett.c@harriscofeacademy.co.uk

Assistant Headteacher: Mr S Edmonds edmonds.s@harriscofeacademy.co.uk

Assistant Headteacher: Mrs M Oliver oliver.m@harriscofeacademy.co.uk

Associate Assistant Headteacher: Mr C Browning browning.c1@harriscofeacademy.co.uk

Associate Assistant Headteacher: Mrs A Pryor pryor.a1@harriscofeacademy.co.uk

Associate Assistant Headteacher: Miss L Lewis lewis.l@harriscofeacademy.co.uk


Curriculum Team Leaders (CTLs)

English: Miss L Lewis lewis.l@harriscofeacademy.co.uk

Maths: Mr S Edmonds Edmonds.s@harriscofeacademy.co.uk

Science: J Fleming fleming.j@harriscofeacademy.co.uk

D&T: Mrs J Kowal kowal.j@harriscofeacademy.co.uk

Humanities: Mrs M Oliver oliver.m@harriscofeacademy.co.uk

ICT: Mrs A Bradshaw bradshaw.a@harriscofeacademy.co.uk

MFL: Ms M Galvani galvani.m@harriscofeacademy.co.uk

PE: Mr H Davies davies.h1@harriscofeacademy.co.uk


Subject Leaders (SLs)

Art: Miss F Lewis lewis.f@harriscofeacademy.co.uk

Business Studies: Mr S Edmonds Edmonds.s@harriscofeacademy.co.uk

Child Development: Mrs K Merry merry.k@harriscofeacademy.co.uk

Drama: Mr C Browning browning.c1@harriscofeacademy.co.uk

Foundation Learning: Mrs A Pryor pryor.a1@harriscofeacademy.co.uk

Geography: Mr D Bradley bradley.d@harriscofeacademy.co.uk

History: Mr G Woodhouse woodhouse.g@harriscofeacademy.co.uk

Media Studies: Miss A Francis francis.a@harriscofeacademy.co.uk

Music: Mr N Williams williams.n52@harriscofeacademy.co.uk

PSE: Mr D Bradley bradley.d@harriscofeacademy.co.uk

RS: Mrs M Oliver oliver.m@harriscofeacademy.co.uk

SENCo: Mrs A Williams Williams.a@harriscofeacademy.co.uk


Year Team Leaders (YTLs)

Year 11: Mrs J Edmonds edmonds.j@harriscofeacademy.co.uk

Year 10: Mr D Bradley Bradley.d@harriscofeacademy.co.uk

Year 9: Mr M Portass portass.m@harriscofeacademy.co.uk

Year 8: Mr D Timothy timothy.d@harriscofeacademy.co.uk

Year 7: Mrs A Hurst hurst.a@harriscofeacademy.co.uk


E-Safety & Safeguarding Officer

Mr A Mosley mosley.a@harriscofeacademy.co.uk




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