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Contact Harris CofE Academy


Harris CofE Academy


A voluntary aided Anglican Sports College



Harris CofE Academy

Harris Drive
Overslade Lane
CV22 6EA


For futher information please contact Mrs Bult, Headteachers PA


Telephone: 01788 812549


Fax: 01788 816123

email: office@harriscofeacademy.co.uk website: www.harriscofeacademy.co.uk


We would welcome parents and carers contacting Curriculum Team Leaders, Subject Leaders and Year Heads or a member of the leadership team with any concerns or comments you may have.

The email details of CTLs, SLs, YTLs and SLT are given below.


Senior Leadership Team (SLT)

Associate Headteacher: Mr M Rice rice.m@harriscofeacademy.co.uk

Associate Headteacher: Dr V Lundberg lundberg.v@harriscofeacademy.co.uk

Deputy Headteacher: Mr A Mosley mosley.a@harriscofeacademy.co.uk

Deputy Headteacher: Mrs S Edwards Edwards.s6@harriscofeacademy.co.uk

Assistant Headteacher: Mr H Davies davies.h1@harriscofeacademy.co.uk

Assistant Headteacher: Miss C Barnett barnett.c@harriscofeacademy.co.uk

Assistant Headteacher: Mr S Edmonds edmonds.s@harriscofeacademy.co.uk

Assistant Headteacher: Mrs M Oliver oliver.m@harriscofeacademy.co.uk

Associate Assistant Headteacher: Mr C Browning browning.c1@harriscofeacademy.co.uk

Associate Assistant Headteacher: Mrs A Pryor pryor.a1@harriscofeacademy.co.uk

Associate Assistant Headteacher: Miss L Lewis lewis.l@harriscofeacademy.co.uk


Curriculum Team Leaders (CTLs)

English: Miss L Lewis lewis.l@harriscofeacademy.co.uk

Maths: Mr S Edmonds Edmonds.s@harriscofeacademy.co.uk

Science: J Fleming fleming.j@harriscofeacademy.co.uk

D&T: Mrs J Kowal kowal.j@harriscofeacademy.co.uk

Humanities: Mrs M Oliver oliver.m@harriscofeacademy.co.uk

ICT: Mrs A Bradshaw bradshaw.a@harriscofeacademy.co.uk

MFL: Ms M Galvani galvani.m@harriscofeacademy.co.uk

PE: Mr H Davies davies.h1@harriscofeacademy.co.uk


Subject Leaders (SLs)

Art: Miss F Lewis lewis.f@harriscofeacademy.co.uk

Business Studies: Mr S Edmonds Edmonds.s@harriscofeacademy.co.uk

Child Development: Mrs K Merry merry.k@harriscofeacademy.co.uk

Drama: Mr C Browning browning.c1@harriscofeacademy.co.uk

Foundation Learning: Mrs A Pryor pryor.a1@harriscofeacademy.co.uk

Geography: Mr D Bradley bradley.d@harriscofeacademy.co.uk

History: Mr G Woodhouse woodhouse.g@harriscofeacademy.co.uk

Media Studies: Miss A Francis francis.a@harriscofeacademy.co.uk

Music: Mr N Williams williams.n52@harriscofeacademy.co.uk

PSE: Mr D Bradley bradley.d@harriscofeacademy.co.uk

RS: Mrs M Oliver oliver.m@harriscofeacademy.co.uk

SENCo: Mrs A Williams Williams.a@harriscofeacademy.co.uk


Year Team Leaders (YTLs)

Year 11: Mrs J Edmonds edmonds.j@harriscofeacademy.co.uk

Year 10: Mr D Bradley Bradley.d@harriscofeacademy.co.uk

Year 9: Mr M Portass portass.m@harriscofeacademy.co.uk

Year 8: Mr D Timothy timothy.d@harriscofeacademy.co.uk

Year 7: Mrs A Hurst hurst.a@harriscofeacademy.co.uk


E-Safety & Safeguarding Officer

Mr A Mosley mosley.a@harriscofeacademy.co.uk




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