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 Welcome to Modern Foreign Languages


We would like to welcome you to the Modern Foreign Languages Department at Harris Church of England Academy.

We strongly believe that due to the increasing cultural and work-related exchanges between people from different countries, it has become important to speak more than one language. There is no doubt that people who can speak more than one language have a real asset for life. Learning and knowing a foreign language does not only enrich peoples' working life and leisure time but it also improves peoples' intercultural understanding and life skills. That is why we believe that all pupils should leave school having a sound knowledge of at least one additional language. We also value diversity tremendously and encourage nativespeakers of other languages for which GCSEsexist to take the exam. And one of the main reasons for that isto celebrate how equallyimportant all languages and cultures are.

Our aims are to bring about a passion in pupils for learning languages, to help them to realise their potential and to achieve their goals. To achieve these aims we offer language lessons which are inclusive, stimulating and enjoyable.

KS3 Curriculum

In KS3 students study the following topics: Social Life, Healthy Lifestyle, Human Rights, The world of work and Holidays. Students are taught present, past and future tenses.

KS4 Curriculum

Students are prepared for the AQA GCSE. In Year 10 students cover: Education/Work, Personal Relationships and the Environment/World Issues. Students complete one controlled assessment in Speaking, and one in Writing during Year 10. Topics covered in Year 11 are: Tourism, Free time and Home life. Students complete their second controlled writing assessment in November and their second controlled speaking assessment in March. Listening and Reading skills are

examined in May and students will be enteredat Foundation or Higher tier for each of these, depending on prior attainment. 

SMSC in Modern Foreign Languages

In the MFL department at Harris Church of England Academy, we value a holistic approach to language learning and want our youngsters to fully develop their Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural understanding.

Spiritual Development in Modern Foreign Languages

Spiritual development in MFL concerns pupils wondering at the number of different and similar ways that people have developed to express themselves and ideas. Pupils also look at the simplicity and the complexity of these ideas and the ways in which we learn and construct our languages. Pupils also explore faith and non-faith beliefs and festivals in other countries.

Moral Development in Modern Foreign Languages

Moral education in MFL concerns pupils using the vehicle of languages they have to make a personal response to right and wrong. All languages carry messages about every aspect of life including moral development and pupils are able to consider other peoples' responses to moral issues.

Social Development in Modern Foreign Languages

Social education in MFL concerns communicating for a purpose with people from other cultural and social backgrounds. The social element of language learning comes both from learning about other societies and learning together in the classroom. School exchanges allow our students to appreciate that relationships are not bound nor restricted by cultural nor physical factors as they are able to maintain contact with foreign penfriends.

Cultural Development in Modern Foreign Languages

Cultural education is achieved through pupils valuing all languages and therefore learning to understand and respect other people. It is also about understanding cultures represented in Europe and elsewhere in the world; understanding and feeling comfortable in a variety of cultures; and most importantly, ensuring we value our cultural diversity and in our efforts to prevent racism break through linguistic and cultural barriers.